We Protect Your Data and Business

Truly High Cost Efficiency

Save up to 90% of your cybersecurity program costs with access to our SOC providing services 24/7/365.

Top Team & Technology

Team of trained experts and advanced technologies available for a fraction of the in-house cybersecurity program costs.

Rapid Incident Response & ATP

Continuous and efficient incident responding by trained security team relying on up-to-date digital forensics.

IT & Security Asset Management

Excellent expertise in building and supporting cybersecurity and IT  infrastructures.

Risk & Compliance Management

Staying up-to-date with constantly changing regulatory framework.

Our Services

24/7/365 we monitor, collect, correlate, inform of events & threats before they can disrupt our customers’ businesses.

24/7/365 we monitor, collect, correlate, investigate and remediate incidents communicating with your security team.

We provide penetration testing, analyze vulnerabilities, investigate incidents, provide cybersecurity consulting and outsourcing.

We implement, support and upgrade IT and security infrastructures for our customers to keep them up-to-date and efficient.

Trilight Security provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in partnership with established providers of cloud services from EU and U.S.

Learn About Benefits We Bring

Managed Security Service Providers have already become a new reality for businesses of all sizes. Indeed, partnership with true MSSP brings you and your security team more than just a few serious benefits. DOWNLOAD our whitepaper and find out more.

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Managed Security & MDR

Vulnerability Analysis

We study IT assets to discover and identify vulnerabilities.

Threat Analysis

We prioritize threats and inform customers of them.

Security Monitoring

We collect, analyze, correlate logs to discover threats.

Threat Management

We analyze found vulnerabilities and incidents to suggest proper actions.

Incident Response

We help restore IT assets and corrupted or compromised data.

Awards & Recognition

Think Cybersecurity Is Not Your Concern?

There is more than enough statistics showing truly intimidating figures from global cybersecurity battlefield. For too many businesses it is not about winning, it’s about survival. Read these figures and download our MSSP Benefits Whitepaper to find out what to do.

Intimidating Statistics

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