The most experienced SOC team members with hands-on experience of threat mitigation usually will work as Tier 3 advanced security analyst also known as threat hunter. They don’t wait for something to happen but actively work to prevent it. Their activities range from identification of previously unknown vulnerabilities to assessment of efficiency of present cybersecurity tools with the goal of making justified recommendations as to the changes to products, tools, and processes used in the SOC.

Tier 3 advanced security analyst conducts vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, review industry news and threat intelligence to identify new vulnerabilities, close security gaps, and make the SOC team more efficient in general. During serious incidents, Tier 3 analysts will help Tier 2 investigators to respond. Advanced security analysts also review past threats and mitigations to elicit as much experience from them as possible.

Qualification requirements cover everything expected from Tier 2, plus experience with vulnerability assessments, penetration tests. Malware reverse engineering would be a great plus, as well as the ability to create effective patterns of response to new threats.

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