Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) have already established themselves as reliable partners for businesses of all sizes. The reason for this is that MSSP embodies a very useful and efficient partnership model. It handles day-to-day monitoring and management of customers’ security environments, ensures their reliable protection and is always ready to mitigate threats, eliminate damages and offer strategic security advice when needed

Business Benefit #1

Save Money

Building a cybersecurity team and creating effective set of cybersecurity solutions on your own would be a costly endeavor even for large enterprise: average annual salaries of cybersecurity experts easily reach €100 000+, dedicated security hardware and software are expensive and frequently come with annual licensing costs. In-house cybersecurity team will easily cost you more than €1 000 000 annually.

Fortunately, as a Trilight Security customer, you will have it all at a small fraction of the cost. Instead of large capital and recurring operating expenses we offer you efficient cybersecurity with only operational expenses that are truly affordable. You save on training, as you will leverage expertise from MSSP, you save on hiring and on technology. And for these predictable and modest expenses you will be provided with access to expertise and technology that is otherwise financially and organizationally difficult (or impossible for SMB) to build on its own.

Business Benefit #2

Make your Security Team More Capable

Imagine extending your security team capabilities to an international level. Fast and very affordable way to do it is with Trilight Security MSSP. Our experts possess an in-depth knowledge of security threats and their mitigation which in most cases is more than any in-house cybersecurity team can have. It’s easy to understand: in most cases it is exposed to threats and incidents of only one company. MSSP, on the other hand, is exposed to multiple attack strategies, architectures of security infrastructures and specific requirements of vertical markets.

Just ask yourself: are your IT staff experts in cybersecurity? Are they aware of all the latest solutions and technologies critical for cybersecurity? Even if the answer is positive, the MSSP can always bring your cybersecurity up to a new level. MSSP specialists will be more effective in securing your infrastructure and information than your IT team in most cases as we have more expertise, time, financial resources and experience to put into it.

Business Benefit #3

Stay Focused on Core Business

Today you can not ignore cybersecurity threats even if you consider your business of unimportance for cybercriminals. It is not. Automatic attack tools do not care of what you think. SMBs also have to take protection of customers, employees, and data seriously. Even if you have CISO or IT Security manager and a dedicated team there are risks your attention focus will be shifted from core business goals, which are serving customers and making money, to building cybersecurity system.

Partnership with MSSP will greatly reduce your efforts required to keep cybersecurity level up to requirement. The management will change focus back on core business needs while IT team will forget about continuously resolving incidents and change focus back on innovation, developing new internal and customer services, infrastructure optimization, and more.

Business Benefit #4

Manage Risks & Compliance Properly

If your business is in some highly regulated industry, it’s critically important to maintain compliance level for regulatory purposes which means dealing with abbreviations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO, GLBA, SOX and many more. MSSP gives you a hand in this challenging task by extending its expertise and certification as well as ensuring duly protection of your critical assets.

And this is where and MSSP steps in with its rich expertise and highly qualified team. MSSP can leverage experience gained from managing security issues for companies operating across different verticals and this way provide assistance not only in meeting compliance needs, but also in tailoring security strategies and guidelines to specific industry needs.

Technology Benefit #1

Take Advantage of Advanced MSSP Team & Solutions

The core values of the MSSP are the team, technology and processes it leverages to protect customer. Compared to vast majority of organizations and businesses MSSP has much broader and deeper understanding of the best-of-breed security solutions, which it uses building its own security platform or learns studying or improving IT infrastructures of its customers. This experience greatly improves ability to respond to specific cybersecurity challenges. All the more, even if our customer has some solutions implemented there is no absolute guarantee they were properly integrated and operate efficiently. Every technology has its gaps. Luckily, Trilight Security can help maximize efficiency of your cybersecurity infrastructure and further improve protection of your business due to experience of our team and stack of solutions and technologies we can contribute cooperating with you.

Technology Benefit #2

Have Incidents Responded & Investigated Rapidly

Timely assessment of attacker's intents and possible impact of security breach on business operations is the best way to minimize incident consequences. MSSP offering incident response services to properly handle cybersecurity incidents, from single endpoint compromises to serious intrusions by advanced attackers, greatly improves overall cybersecurity. Trilight Security will search for origin of the attack, define scope and extent of the attack as well as time of its beginning, malicious methodologies and current stage of the attack.

Technology Benefit #3

Have All Alerts Sorted Out and Threats Identified

IT infrastructure and systems of any enterprise generate vast amounts of security relevant data. Logins, uploads and other, up to millions and tens of millions actions every month. Actual threat can be one in hundreds of thousands or even less. This is a primary reason for IT professionals to suffer from alert fatigue, a failure to respond to presumably false alerts. However, one of which can and some day will be true… It is a problem even for organizations with strong cybersecurity programs covering perimeter, endpoints, networks and data because all these tools are difficult to synchronize and generate many logs of their own making aggregation and analysis even more complicated. Trilight Security will help you analyze data from a single point of view using a SIEM system, a core of its Security Operation Center. We will correlate your data with a database of threat intelligence info to identify threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Technology Benefit #4

Maximize ROI of Security Investments 

It is not a rare occasion when organizations purchase new cybersecurity solutions but do not use them or fail to make them work at full capacity. And no wonder, because when you use 5, 10 or 20 security solutions you have to deal with integration issues they all necessarily create, from separated data silos to even new threats! We at Trilight Security have necessary skills and technical resources to help your IT team manage and administer these new security assets or address this task by ourselves and completely relieve you from this burden.

Technology Benefit #5

Closely Monitor Advanced Threats

Today large, midsize and small organizations are equally exposed to increasing complexity and sophistication of advanced persistent threats (APT) like exploits, customized malware, phishing, social engineering, password cracking and other. Partnership with MSSP is a reliable and very cost saving response to APT because with adequate cybersecurity technologies and latest threat intelligence we will provide continuous monitoring and real-time visibility of customer’s IT infrastructure and data to stop attacks or disrupt their progress.

Technology Benefit #6

Vulnerability Management

Expertise of our specialists and up-to-date security solutions make our regular audits of the vulnerabilities of customer’s IT infrastructure a valuable source of information essential for security tasks. Trilight Security team will scan your IT network assets, hosts, web applications and databases with efficient automatic vulnerability assessment tools that are managed by certified experts delivering actionable results. This ensures duly and rapid changes to customers’ IT infrastructure: patches, management of vulnerabilities etc.

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