What is White Label Penetration Testing?

In addition to doing pentests for direct customers, we also offer white label penetration testing services. A whitelabel penetration test is a security assessment conducted by a specialized pentest provider. Upon completion the deliverables are rebranded for the partner which in turn delivers the work to its customer. This practice is also commonly referred to as private-label penetration testing. 

Who is White Label Penetration Testing for?

White label penetration testing services are usually provided for other MSP or MSSP companies who want to build or improve their own penetration testing offering. By using white label services they achieve significant economy on hiring personnel even during high workload periods.

How is White Label Penetration Testing Provided?

White label services by Trilight Security are designed with the focus on the the EU and US-based IT and cybersecurity companies. We partner with these companies to deliver white label penetration testing service on their behalf. Our involvement with their end customers is absolutely controlled and transparent. The service is usually delivered through interaction with the partner’s PM or supervisor, and all the services or consultancy are delivered under the partner’s brand.

This way we relieve our partners of the necessity to hire additional FTEs, providing them with extra flexibility and expertise required to meet their customers’ demands.

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Our Benefits

White Label Experience

IT Managed Services

There are a lot of IT and cybersecurity companies to which we outsource our cybersecurity and IT services. Our experienced and certified personnel is proficient in English and has years of experience working under the outstaffing and outsourcing models. Our processes are well established and flexible.

Instant Availability

IT Outsourcing

The cybersecurity industry experiences severe shortage of resources and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Using white label penetration services by Trilight Security, our partners address this issue by getting instant access to a pool of cybersecurity talents ready to deliver services.

Methodology of a Choice

Cybersecurity Budgeting

We conduct tests according to the methodologies practiced by our partners, to ensure that we meet their requirements and expectations. In general, we follow OWASP, NIST, SANS Penetration Testing Methodology, PTES and other methodologies, as well as use our own best practices. 

Always Extra Mile


Our partners enjoy working with us because we always aim to establish long-lasting relations with them. To achieve them we build efficient communications, both formal and informal, carefully study customer’s requirements, provide feedback and advice to partners and their end customers, when required.

True Experts


Our employees have many years of experience in penetration testing, hold globally recognized professional certifications like OSCE, OSCP, eWPTX, eMAPT, CEH, BSCP and many more. They have varied experience in pentesting web and mobile applications, network and cloud infrastructures, etc. 

Branding for Partners

Security Strategy

During the engagements with end customers of our partners, our experts communicate using email accounts on partners’ domains, or use the mediation of partner’s project manager. Reports will be branded and structured according to partner’s standards, to assure consistency of service delivery.

What is the White Label Penetration Testing Process Like?

We provide all necessary pre- and post-project support. During the projects we use the combination of manual and automated methods to simulate real-world attacks on applications, systems, and networks. Typically white label pentesting projects include following stage:

  • Pre sales and Scoping: This phase involves collecting information about the customer’s goals, delivering all type of support required to win the deal, including preparation of scope and estamate. Conducted via partner’s contact, like PM.
  • Information Gathering: This phase involves collecting information about the target system, such as IPaddresses, operating systems, services, vulnerabilities, etc. Conducted via partner’s contact, like PM.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: We use automated tools to scan the target system for known vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.
  • Exploitation: During this phase, the tester attempts to exploit vulnerabilities found during the previous phase to gain access to the target system.
  • Privilege Escalation: Once the tester has gained access to the target system, we will attempt to escalate privileges to gain more control over the system.
  • Maintaining Access: The tester will attempt to maintain access to the target system, even if security measures are put in place to block them.
  • Reporting: We will produce a report detailing our findings and recommendations for improving the security of the target system. The report is prepared branded with partner’s logo. If face-to-face communications are needed, our personnel can be presented as a part of the partner’s team.
  • Post-project Support: Finally, our team will provide the assistance and maintenance if required by the customer, who starts some cybersecurity project aimed at closing the gaps exposed during the security assessment.

Why Trilight Security?

Enjoy High Margins

Using Trilight Security white label pentesting services you will enjoy margins in 30%-50% range.

Leverage Upselling

Thorough and professional security assessments expose gaps that might and will require design and implementation of cybersecurity solutions for the end customers.

Win Competition

White labelled cybersecurity services significantly increase competitiveness in the market.

Enjoy Flexibility

We know that every partner is unique and with our focus on long-term partnerships makes us a partner of a choice for big and small companies. 

White Label Penetration Test Methodologies

During white label penetration testing we follow the requirements of our partners. In general, we use different methodologies, such as OWASP, NIST, SANS Penetration Testing Methodology, PTES, CREST, etc.

Tools & Deliverables

During white label penetration testing we use dozens of tools, including but not limited to: Nmap, Metasploit, Nessus, Burp Suite, Aircrack-ng, sqlmap, OWASP ZAP, Wireshark, Kali Linux, THC-Hydra, OpenVAS, Nikto, Sqlninja, Cain and Abel, Acunetix, IronWASP, Beef, Red Team Toolkit (RTTK), EternalBlue and many more.

We provide complete set of standard pentesting project deliverables:

  • Executive Summary: A high-level overview of the pentest results.
  • Test Plan: A document outlining the scope, objectives, and approach of the pentest.
  • Detailed Technical Report: A comprehensive report documenting all findings and recommendations, including descriptions of vulnerabilities and their impact, proof of concept, and remediation recommendations.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: A comprehensive list of all vulnerabilities discovered during the pentest, including a prioritization of findings based on risk and impact.
  • Evidence: Screenshots, log files, and other evidence supporting the findings and recommendations in the report.
  • Action Plan: A plan for remediation and mitigation of the vulnerabilities identified during the pentest, including timelines and responsible parties.

All these documents will be branded with logo of our partner. We can also prepare a presentation or briefing to the relevant stakeholders, including a summary of the findings and recommendations, and any recommendations for further action.

Upon a follow up white label pentesting to check whether all identified vulnerabilities were removed, we can issue a Pentest Certificate, which will also be branded according to partner’s design guidelines.

Sample Penetration Test Report

Penetration testing is a new must for businesses of all sizes. We use different comprehensive tools, methodologies and models for pentesting. DOWNLOAD our penetration test report sample and learn more.


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