White Label SOC Service

The global cybercrime landscape leaves little choice for enterprises from large to SMBs but to opt for online security monitoring, detection & response, either provided by internal SOCs or specialized SOC service providers, like MSSPs.

Building its own SOC can be a viable option for large organizations, while SMBs will usually go for the services of MSSPs. The latter often provide services to their end clients leveraging so-called white label SOC offer.

SOC: To Build or Not to Build?

Whether you are an MSP, MSSP, or other IT service provider, you know that online security monitoring is a cornerstone of the cybersecurity services offering and that having it in a portfolio greatly enhances competitiveness.

However, maintaining your own SOC sometimes becomes a financial and organizational strain even for the MSSPs, not to mention cybersecurity and IT services providers with other focuses. The global shortage of cybersecurity skills and expertise is also a big challenge. Fortunately, there is a solution: our white labeled SOC-as-a-service quickly enables our partners to provide managed security services to the end clients. SOCaaS by Trilight Security includes all the key components: people, processes, and technology.

More Than a SIEM

White Label SOC offering by Trilight Security covers SIEM, analytics, vulnerability management, threat detection, incident response, proactive threat hunting, and threat sharing, featuring developed automation capabilities. We help detect suspicious behaviors, perform triage, prioritize investigations for the highest-risk threats, and automate responses.

What we provide is far more than just a SIEM. Our partners get a full suite of cybersecurity services that help their end clients secure digital assets and meet compliance requirements. White Label SOC offer by Trilight Security includes such services as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, compliance consulting, third-party risk management. With our White Label SOC, our partners can deliver these critical services under their brands.

We also provide ongoing support and training to ensure that our partners and their customers get the most out of our White Label SOC service. Our team of cybersecurity experts is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Take Your Cybersecurity Capacity to a New Level

If you are an IT or cybersecurity company ready to take its cybersecurity services to the next level and are looking for a reliable Security Operations Center (SOC) solution that you can customize and brand as your own, then Trilight Security white label SOC service offers what you need. Using it, you will provide your customers with the best-in-class cybersecurity service and increase your profits by taking customer satisfaction to the next level.

Our Offer


We provide tailored SIEM solutions for centralized monitoring, correlation, and analysis of security events to detect and respond to threats.

Threat Monitoring


We provide partners with a service of continuous monitoring of IT and digital assets of their customers to detect potential threats.

Threat Intelligence

We provide access to threat intelligence data, to help partners improve security posture and response to customers’ incidents.

Network Security

We implement and support perimeter security controls, such as firewalls or intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Cloud Security

Our cloud security services provide security controls and monitoring for cloud-based resources of the customers of our partners.


For endpoint protection we provide antivirus, antimalware, and other endpoint security controls to help partners protect their customers.

Vulnerability Management

Cybersecurity Alert

We help partners conduct vulnerability assessments and do patch management to protect customers against vulnerabilities.

Incident Response

Security Alert

Our incident response services include support in responding to security incidents, containment, investigation, and remediation.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery and business continuity services provide data backup and disaster recovery planning to ensure continuity.

Key Features

Visual Analytics

The SIEM solution, a cornerstone of our SOC platform, helps with understanding the chief causes of any incident for description to the customer.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence feeds help improve the efficiency of detection and response by the SOC team at all levels.

Ticket Management

We provide security-related ticket and case management functionality. All security incidents created, escalated, and reported in one place.

SOC Metrics

Extraction of various SOC related metrics to improve efficiency and facilitate reporting to end clients. 

Why to Partner with Trilight Security for White Label SOC?

  • Cloud SIEM solution
    Using all-cloud SOC infrastructure is more and more being seen as a standard now, and white label SOC service by Trilight Security is no exception. Our cloud SIEM solution is deployed in the cloud and can be easily redeployed in pretty much any other cloud as desired by our partner. 
  • Vulnerability assessments and management
    Our professional vulnerability management and penetration testing professionals possess extensive experience in detecting and eliminating vulnerabilities in web applications, network and cloud environments, etc. We will provide this service to our white label SOC partners to help them provide best-in-class service to their end clients.
  • Managed XDR service
    Trilight Security secures endpoints for its customers and end customers of its white label partners using industry-standard endpoint protection solutions by SentinelOne, Sophos, ESET, etc. We also provide managed XDR service, which can be an essential component of the white label SOC service.
  • Minimal to zero investment
    Implementation and maintenance of internal SOC are costly, whether it is used by some organizations to safeguard their operations, or by MSSP to provide cybersecurity services to end clients. White label SOC service is an excellent way to minimize or even reduce to zero investment required to start using SOCaaS internally or for external clients. 
  • Skilled dedicated teams
    Qualified Tier I, II, III security analysts and other personnel required for the operations and development of SOC are difficult and expensive to train. They are a key element of any SOC, and getting access to a trained SOC team within the white label SOC service takes the business of our partners to all new levels in threat detection, incident response, and remediation. Most importantly: without initial investment.
  • Monitoring 24/7
    Providing 24×7 security and network monitoring guarantees prompt detection of all types of incidents and issues which enables just as prompt reaction and resolution. With white label SOC service from Trilight Security, there might be added white label NOC service as well.
  • Compliance & Regulations
    Companies and organizations all around the world are facing more and more compliance requirements, which sometimes complicate their operations. MSPs and MSSPs leveraging white label SOC services from a reliable partner might as well get the benefit of compliance consulting, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and other services. They will facilitate compliance with different requirements for the end customers.
  • Fast Deployment, Scaling Up and Down
    White label SOC model provides the best opportunities to scale up and down the service consumption for our partners. They are relieved of the necessity to bear the financial and organizational burden of such efforts. No need to care about personnel, infrastructure, and other essential elements of SOC. This way our partners can easily adapt to the requirements of their customers. 

Key Benefits

Branding & Customization

Provide SOC services under your own brand, which can help to strengthen customer loyalty and increase brand recognition.

Expertise & Resources

Access to a team of cybersecurity experts with skills and resources to detect and respond to sophisticated threats.

24x7 Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring and response, minimizing the impact of a security incident and reducing data loss risk.

Cost Efficiency

Way to offer SOC services without investing in the resources and infrastructure required to build own SOC. 

White Label SOC Onboarding

We have developed a standard onboarding process for the end clients of our White Label SOC partners.

1. Scoping 

At the initial stage, we gather all the information required for the successful launch of the security monitoring process. We discover customer’s goals, aligning the SOC service with business and technological requirements. We discover and inventorize digital assets for monitoring; create a RACI matrix for the security events; define metrics and SLAs; etc. 

2. Deploying

After completion of the scoping stage, the agents will be deployed on all assets assigned for monitoring to establish a connection with the SIEM system. Custom-developed applications might require additional development efforts unless they can send their logs via syslog. 

3. Configuring

After all the connections are successfully established and logs start to come in, there will be created a baseline for the monitored activities. If required, custom correlation rules will be created to enhance the detection of threats and minimize false positives. Monitoring is performed by Trilight security analysts in test mode at this stage. 

4. Monitoring

After the SIEM is tuned, analysts start monitoring in normal mode. Regular reports are submitted at intervals agreed with the customer. 

Our Recognition

Trilight Security - Top Company in Estonia 2021