Security gaps in any business or organization are most commonly caused by:

  1. Absent or insufficient cybersecurity personnel, thus unable to react or react timely on cybersecurity incidents and not available 24×7.
  2. Absent or insufficient cybersecurity solutions protecting your IT assets, leaving vulnerabilities not removed, threats not mitigates and incidents not even detected before it’s too late.
  3. Absent or insufficient processes to maintain cybersecurity at a proper level (awareness trainings etc).

All of these issues are addressed by partnership with MSSP:

  1. MSSPs will complement or fully replace the in-house cybersecurity team and in most cases, especially for SMB, the MSSP’s personnel will be better trained for mitigating cybersecurity threats in real-time mode. One more important thing it that MSSP can provide SOC services in 24x7x365 mode and they will be much more affordable than in-house team working in such mode.
  2. Collection of cybersecurity tools and solutions is in no way a guarantee for reliable protection. Those tools and solutions have to be properly set up, operated, maintained and, which is critically important, integrated. Data exchange and correlation have to be efficiently done. This is something not always found even in large corporations, to say nothing of SMBs. MSSPs, on the contrary, have their managed security platforms designed, implemented and operated in very high quality and up-to-date manner in most cases, which makes them efficient and adequate to modern cybercrime treats. And this cybersecurity infrastructure with guaranteed efficiency can be made available to customer at very reasonable cost. What’s important, the customers will not have to take care of or bear the costs of keeping this cybersecurity platform up-to-date.
  3. It’s important to understand that whether you have or have no partnership with MSSP, your personnel has to have proper training in cybersecurity for their usual operational and business activities. Phishing, malwares, ransomware, social engineering etc. But if something goes wrong and some employee makes a mistake or just gets mislead by some cunning attack, MSSP will greatly increase chances that no damage will be caused or it will be minimized to a tolerable level.