Managed Security Service

Trilight Security is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering different packages of cybersecurity services provided 8/5 or 24/7, depending on cybersecurity level sought by our customers. We truly understand specific needs of small and medium businesses and keep our prices really affordable. For customers looking for highest levels of cybersecurity protection we, in addition to traditional Managed Security Service (MSS) set, provide additional threat intelligence services of advanced Managed Detection & Response (MDR) level.

Cybersecurity Services

In addition to providing managed security services at MSS and/or MDR levels, we offer one-time or regular services, such as penetration testing, periodical testing of your IT infrastructure for known vulnerabilities or penetration testing to predict possible hackers’ ways of intrusion; cybersecurity consulting to develop corporate security policy and internal procedures; assessment of current state of cybersecurity infrastructure and suggestions as to its modernization. We also provide cybersecurity incident investigation, cybersecurity outsourcing and other related services. 

Managed IT Services

Cybersecurity goes hand in hand with efficiency and reliability of hardware and software used to operate your business. We are very good at implementing, upgrading and supporting IT infrastructures of enterprise level. We dramatically reduce the number of operational security and IT personnel our customers need to hire, train and retain to maintain high cybersecurity level and efficiency of IT systems. And with our strong focus on building trusted and lasting relationships we will make our cooperation as efficient and affordable as possible.

Cloud Services

Trilight Security provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in partnership with established providers of cloud services. Our team helps cover security needs in all cloud infrastructure layers. We also provide cost efficiency analytics to help our customers optimize expenses on cloud infrastructure and choose best model and provider of cloud services. For our customers relying on cloud resources we will have their cloud architectures analyzed from security perspective, in such areas as authentication and authorization controls, cloud configurations, inventory etc.

Learn About Benefits We Bring

Managed Security Service Providers have already become a new reality for businesses of all sizes. Indeed, partnership with true MSSP brings you and your security team more than just a few serious benefits. DOWNLOAD our whitepaper and find out more.

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