Check Point Software. Security Report 2020

Over 770 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords were exposed in a popular hacking forum after hosted in the cloud service MEGA. It became the single largest collection of breached personal credentials in history, named Collection #1


Monthly Global Security Report by Radware. June 2020

In June 2020, Radware observed a massive attack against one of our Hybrid Cloud DDoS customers, a well-known European SaaS provider. This was a very long and continuous attack, utilizing ACK floods, which persisted over an entire month. In all, the total attack volume was 3,131 TB, including nine attacks, which peaked at more than 40 Gbps.


2020 Cybersecurity Outlook Report. By VMware Carbon Black

The conflict of “good vs. evil” is a theme that’s captivated humanity throughout history, spanning religion, ethics, philosophy, politics, art, literature, and cinema. Often with larger-than-life characters leading the narrative, the “good vs. evil” conflict reveals humanity’s intrinsic desire to be safe amidst an omniscient and, often, ephemeral sense of fear.


Cybersecurity Threat Alert NXNSAttack June 1, 2020

On May 19, 2020, academics from the Tel Aviv University and The Interdisciplinary Center in Israel discovered a vulnerability in the implementation of DNS recursive resolvers that can be abused to launch disruptive DDoS attacks against any victim. The attack leveraging the vulnerability has been dubbed NXNSAttack by the researchers and detailed in their research paper.


McAfee Labs Threats Report

McAfee researchers observed cybercriminals are still using spear-phishing tactics, but an increasing number of attacks are gaining access to a company that has open and exposed remote access points, such as RDP and virtual network computing (VNC). RDP credentials can be brute-forced, obtained from password leaks, or simply bought in underground markets. Where past ransomware criminals would set up a command and control environment for the ransomware and decryption keys, most criminals now approach victims with ransom notes that include an anonymous email service address, allowing bad actors to remain better hidden.

Big Security in a Small Business World 2020. By Cisco

This report â€“ based on a survey of almost 500 SMBs (defined here as organizations with 250-499 employees) â€“ reveals that not only do you take security very seriously, but that your innovative and entrepreneurial approach to security is also paying dividends. It’s time to bust some myths about the way in which SMBs are using their cybersecurity resources.